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Review of Industry Thought Leader Technologies – Design, Automate, Engage, and Sell all in One Place

I have been searching for a software bundle that would be more reasonable than paying monthly for individual software apps. I tried doing free basic plans, but each app was so limited that it really wasn’t a solution.

Thankfully, I came across Industry Thought Leader Technologies, an all-in-one software bundle, which can currently replace 14 different software services (they are adding more).

I have always used Divi Themes and WordPress for my websites and could never find an email automation app that integrated well and was affordable.

Industry Thought Leader Technologies has its own website builder that works similarly to a Divi theme. There are not as many options currently, however, they continually add more functionality. I was completely unaware of how to build email automation prior to getting Industry Thought Leader Technologies, but I found it easy to get the basics down on creating flows, tracks, and pipelines. There are more advanced options that I want to learn as well. The form builder works very well, and it’s easy to trigger flows from the forms. There are other ways to trigger a flow as well. The CRM keeps track of every action the client takes, so record keeping and following up are simple.

One of the deciding factors for me was that I only needed to learn one company’s way of doing things rather than multiple companies. This made getting up and going a faster process. Best of all, if I have a few questions, I only need to make one support contact, not multiple ones to multiple companies.

Because I am new to email automation and some of the other services, I would like to have more training videos and user documentation. They are working in this area and adding more training each week.


Here are some of the services included in Industry Thought Leader Technologies.

Email Marketing

Funnels & Landing Pages

SMS Marketing

Website Builder

Surveys & Forms

Call Tracking + IVR’s

Calendar Booking

Click-to-Call Phone

Sales Pipelines

Payments & Invoicing

Chat & Website Widget

Business Automation

Memberships Sites

Lead Management CRM



Authors – This software would work well to build your website/landing page, create a funnel to build your readers lists, and automate sending newsletters or announcements for new books and book signing events.

Whatever your business needs may be, Industry Thought Leader Technologies can improve your performance and communication with your clients. I am very pleased with my experience with Industry Thought Leader Technologies and the price. I look forward to the new apps coming soon, and I highly recommend giving Industry Thought Leader Technologies a try.

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