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Reduce Phrases to One or Two Words

By now, you should notice a cleaner flow to your chapter, but we are not done. Today, we are going to look at phrases that can be rearranged or reduced to one or two words while giving stronger meaning. One way to do this is by looking for nouns that can be turned into action verbs. For instance, change I am a writer of non-fiction books to I write non-fiction books. Here are a few more.

  • I am a runner. 
  • I run marathons.
  • I am a teacher for grades nine through 12. 
  • I teach grades nine through 12.

Noun Phrases

  • He has an abundance of books.            He has many books.
  • There were ten people in attendance.   Ten people attended.
  • He has a gun in his possession.            He has a gun.
  • I have arrived at a decision.                  I have decided.
  • I will make allowance for late papers.    I allow late papers.
  • Take a look at this.                                Look at this.

Some clues for potential changes are the words make, take, place, put, arrive, is __ __ of, is __ __ to, a __ __ of, and __ __ of, has __ __ to, the __ __ of. Also look at phrases starting with the word “in” and words that end in “tion.”

Your Assignment

Today, use your find tool with the five main words listed above. Do a visual check for the others.

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